Along the EDJA

In comparing De Jong attractors with nature photography, I described the parameters as “locations”. Now if we have locations, we can imagine going for a “walk” around those locations. So, since videos are all the rage theses days, here are a couple animations of walks along a couple locations of De Jong attractors, using my EDJA site.

All images and animations © 2022 Chris Culy

Starting location, steps b=0.01, c=0.01

Starting location, steps b=0.1

Technical notes

To create these animations, I used selenium from python to control EDJA in Safari to make and download individual images. I then used ffmeg from shell scripts to combine the images into movies.

Gender association of names and nouns in English

Back when I was starting to study linguistics (in the 1980s), the syntax professors (Ivan Sag and Tom Wasow) made a point of using gender neutral names in their examples, names that can be used for both males and females, like Chris (Chris Evert and Chris Columbus), rather than John and Mary, which had typically been used in examples. The other day I was curious to see if we can get an idea of to what extent a name or a noun is used for females and males using Google Ngrams. We can, and here’s what I did.

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