Arcolnets: Hors série

A special kind of Arcolnet

The French phrase “hors série” (=outside the series) is often used to mean “special edition”, but it can also be used for a special episode of a TV show. The phrase came to mind because we have been watching lots of French TV mysteries, and there are occasional special episodes: hors série.

All of the Arcolnets that I have shown, and probably the ones that you made, have visualized the “links” of the network that form the Arcolnets as lines or curves. Some, but not all, of the Arcolnets, also visualize the “nodes” of the network, what the links are between. In this triptych, only the nodes are visualized, not the links (though it’s hard to tell in the mist). We might say that these are not true Arcolnets, since we can’t see the links in the network (whereas even when the nodes aren’t visualized, they are implicit in the ends of the lines/curves). That’s why I’ve used the term hors série for these. BTW, you can also make hors série Arcolnets on that page, if you’re clever. Click on the SJ Mist image below to see it larger.

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